Thanks so much, the two days were of great value. You have given me the confidence to overcome a lot of the production issues we discussed.  I wouldn’t have had the confidence to talk with knowledge and conviction before our time together... I feel this is how a designer and construction team should work together, fantastic.  Thank you so much Katherine!
— Debbie, handbag designer

The one-to-one tuition was a great investment - all the issues that I wanted to address were covered - it was very focussed and detailed.
I felt really encouraged and went away with a valuable confidence boost, re-energised and with new clarity and momentum.
I value your constructive and honest feedback, and also your ability to identify quickly and personalise the issues which really need to be addressed.
I also really appreciate your understanding of what I am trying to achieve with my brand and designs and that is a level of support which should not be underestimated. You are also very generous in sharing your knowledge and contacts and suggestions which are invaluable.
— Ariane, handbag designer

Katherine’s teaching style is collaborative, and educative in the best possible way. She helped to draw out my natural skill and allowed me to see how I could use that. She made me aware of new things, helped me ask questions about my project, encouraged introspection, and also challenged me about some of my assumptions.
— Mark, leather goods company CEO

You have a really lovely style and took the time to find out where I was in the whole process and what I wanted from the day, rather than just launching in to a didactic “this is how you do it”. You allowed me to learn what I wanted, rather than telling me what you knew. Whilst your guidance is gentle and supportive, you made sure I did the actual hands-on stuff, which is immensely important in anchoring the knowledge.
— Simon, leather goods designer-maker

It was the best course I ever did and I enjoyed it so much.
— Meena, handbag designer

I just wanted to thank you for the course at the weekend. We had a lovely time – it is ages since I have done anything like that. I really learnt a lot and feel that I have the confidence to see what else I can make in leather now – I found the leather that I used kind of ‘welcoming’. I had been thinking about buying a new sewing machine and found the Pfaff machines very interesting and different so the experience of using one of yours was very helpful.
— Sheila, Designer Courses Summer School
I left the weekend with the knowledge and skills to complete two bags. Learning about different edge-finishing techniques, skiving, bag and lining constructions and using the industrial sewing machine were all really valuable.
Katherine has a broad knowledge of so many different leathers and how best to work with them. A lot of courses who work with vegetable tanned leather are not able to give guidance in lining, Katherine was able to give excellent guidance on both.
I left inspired to explore the material of leather much more. Katherine has a very hands-on approach and it was really interesting to see how the leather can be worked and manipulated by hand. She was really open with tips and supplier knowledge which for myself just starting to work with leather was really valuable.
— Racheal, product designer
Interesting, informative and calm – You gave me confidence to try to complete a pair of gloves on my own, and to attempt to adapt my patterns further to fit my hands perfectly. I appreciated your knowledge and interest around the subject as a whole, and your laid back teaching style.
— Anna