"A practical 'how to' book for leather techniques with a decidedly contemporary twist.”

‘How to Work with Leather’ by Katherine Pogson, published by Pavilion Books in August 2016, is a re-issue of her sought-after ‘Complete Leatherwork’ book ( 2009).

With over 20 projects, complete with patterns and step-by-step instructions, each designed to elaborate on a particular technique, this practical book is a comprehensive introduction to working with leather by hand.

Divided into three sections for  beginners, intermediate and advanced, it includes a wide range of accessible techniques and contemporary designs, together with a guide to essential tools, materials and suppliers.  From first steps through to advanced techniques such as moulding and surface decoration, and with a range of designs from desk accessories, boxes and notebooks through jewellery and purses, to sandals and even slippers - with several bags along the way, of course - there is something for every taste. This book includes everything you need to bring the highly sought after handcrafted leather to your wardrobe and your home.

how to work with leather, easy techniques and over 20 great projects, by Katherine pogson

how to work with leather, easy techniques and over 20 great projects, by Katherine pogson

I love the book! The projects are attractive, and the descriptions and photos are very well done.” K.G, Arizona.”

”Great projects! I bought this book after doing a weekend introduction to leather work. It’s got some great projects, with all of the patterns to photocopy and enlarge… I’ve already started adapting some of them in my head to do in the future.”

”This book has everything I needed to know and so much more!, I LOVE THIS BOOK! The projects are truly inspirational and I can’t wait to get started. Did I mention I LOVE THIS BOOK!” B. M, Toronto, Canada.

”I have found your very clear book ‘most useful. It has very clear photography…the list of resources in the back is very useful too. I bought other books, but this one was tops and would have been enough! I can definitely recommend this book to anyone setting out on a leather project!” H.K, Cartographer by Royal appointment, Devon, UK.

”Good book, good pictures, made me want to go out and buy a big ole piece of leather and make some bags!” J. T, Portland, OR USA.