leather samples

leather samples

Do you love handbags and accessories,  and harbour dreams of designing your own collections? This inspiring and fast-paced course shows you how to turn your ideas into original designs and express your signature style.

Through a series of playful exercises, you will define the elements that go to make up your unique vision.  Practise presentationmethods, understand the importance of range-planning, colour stories and collection building, and learn how to transform a vision into a fully resolved 3D pattern. Along the way, we will discuss how to communicate with manufacturers and construct a ‘specification sheet’ for each design.

Day One -  Inspiration and Communication.

  •  Explore shape, colour and narrative to find the keys to expressing your individual design style  
  • Create drawings, paper models, story boards and mini-presentations
  • Choose an original concept (or small range) to develop further

Day Two  - Patterns, mock-ups and toile-making. 

  • Test your idea in 3D to resolve volume and proportion
  • Begin to look at construction methods and technical markings
  • Produce a resolved pattern ready to make up into a calico toile or prototype

This course is open to beginners as well as improvers who want to take their ideas to the next level.  Appealing to those thinking of, or in the early stages of launching a brand, as well as those who just love the creative process of developing designs for their own satisfaction, this course offers the opportunity to work with like-minded participants and gain valuable feedback and encouragement, as well as insider-information on how to take things to the next stage.


Materials to the value of £20.00 are included in the price of this course.  A full information pack with details of essential tools, equipment and suppliers will be provided, and we will discuss how to source materials, and the options for making and manufacture.

 tools of the trade

tools of the trade

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Finsbury Park, contact us for details


Places – 6
Dates – Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 September 2017
Cost – £320.00


  • Materials to the value of £20.00
  • Use of specialist tools & equipment
  • Suppliers information pack
  • Snacks and refreshments

Additional materials and tools may be available to purchase on request

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